Current Section Leader


Amanda has always enjoyed singing and her past experiences have been varied; from warbling in the school choir to yelling out cheerful backing vocals for a local rock band down in deepest Devon ("Ooh Aarrh!"), graduating on to briefly fronting another band of a similar ilk before it expired due to it's not being very good! Since then her singing skills have been mainly deployed in true Mary Poppins fashion, while working in a children's nursery, singing wholesome renditions of 'The Wheels On The Bus' and other such classics.

Mark M

Anyone for pudding? Mark is. Pudding is his favourite dinner, lunch and tea. If Mark doesn't get pudding when he needs it, terrible repercussions repercuss. A Kitsch bass, assistant beatboxer and move-master, Mark also knows a thing or two about parcour. This means we have to be very very careful when selecting rehearsal venues so that he doesn't, like Shirley Bassey, wind up tangled in a web of chairs (or was it a web of sin?). Either way, the results could be extremely messy.

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