Past Vice Musical Director


Nikki is into burlesque which is helpful since she is both a lady's man and a lady's woman. As such, she has in the past specialised in barbery for ladies, but now concentrates mainly on grooming reptiles.

Nikki sings because she needs to. An unusual medical condition means that if her trap is closed for too long she might never be able to open it again. And, as we all know, if the wind blew, she would stay like that forever.


Anni is KiS' Scandinavian, a requirement of our constitution if we want to perform "Super Trooper". By day, she works as a Punch and Judy artiste on Brighton beach, placing the boot firmly on the other foot in a bizarre but touching psycho-sensual reworking of this great British amusement that paints Mr Punch as a sales rep for Linda McCartney, and Judy as a slavering, stick-waving crypto-capitalist shoe-fetishist. You couldn't make it up. Well actually...
Secretly, she's very moosical.


Lis works at the international institute of luggage testing. The key qualification for a job like that is to have one arm distinctly longer than the other. This attribute also comes in handy at KiS rehearsals, where Lis generally helps strong arming everyone into position.

Three times a washer-woman, but always a lady, Lis counts amongst her interests rastafaianism, chocoholicism and doodling.

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