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Paul H

"Kitsch in Sync" was founded by arranger and conductor Paul Heatley on Thursday 11th January 2001. His dream: to celebrate classic music from his childhood by performing a-cappella arrangements of favourite songs from the 1980s. Paul has been a familiar face on the London music scene for some years firstly as conductor and arranger for the "Respect" gospel choir, and with the rock band "Unity".


Jana likes to squeeze the zest out of life and recently, puree it and make it into an exciting oat cake. She auditioned for the school chamber choir when she was nine but was turned away, thought that she couldn’t sing and that was that. Until a friend was singing in the University College London Chorus (Carmina Burana) and Jana discovered that there wasn’t an audition! Frantic sight reading of a sort followed, and then performing in the Russian opera, Russlan and Ludmilla, then great fun the London branch of the rock gospel choir, Revelation.


Ian has been singing with choirs since he was six years old. He's currently in two of them: KiS and a choir that tours the UK singing in cathedrals ("Cantus"). He loves singing in KiS because it's a great opportunity to meet up with lots of his friends. He enjoys making the earth move with his resonant base notes. His greatest performing moment: being killed by his Dad who was playing "Death" in a local performance of "Everyman" when he was in his early 20s.

Chris A

A former child actor turned male model, Chris has recently done front page covers for Men's Health and Mr Gay UK. He collects antique toilet cisterns, specialising in Victorian rear drainage models. His favourite actors are Judy Garland and Rupert Everet, and his favourite films are Labrynth and Clueless. He works at Burger King in Liverpool St Station and votes for the Natural Law Party. He has a good sense of humour, which is why I'm hoping to stay alive when he reads this.

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