Past Public Relations Lead


Catherine makes television. It all sounds rather funky, but we're assured it's dull as dishwater. She would know, since she also collects dish-mops. Catherine is often to be found staring at her fingertip to see how small she can see. According to current estimates, it is about ten times smaller than this full stop. Catherine always seems busier than average, being one of those working supermums who make us wonder how they fit it all in their day!


Mel likes putting on a show, especially when travelling on any form of tran, tube, train or omnibus. Ths has caused more than one run-in with the law, but she doesn't let that get her down. Her prized jersey potatos are something to savour, and her creations in crayon-art are known throughout the low countries.

Sam D

Sam is Kitsch in Sync’s Northern Soul. For a living, Sam invents the flavours for the glue on the back of stamps. Her personal favourite flavour is ‘nearly earwig’.

Sam is so loud that she has been banned from within 5 miles of all libraries, mouse sanctuaries and pin-dropping laboratories by the National Institute for Shushing. When not singing Alto with KiS, Sam likes tending to her Auricula Theatre.

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