Jana likes to squeeze the zest out of life and recently, puree it and make it into an exciting oat cake. She auditioned for the school chamber choir when she was nine but was turned away, thought that she couldn’t sing and that was that. Until a friend was singing in the University College London Chorus (Carmina Burana) and Jana discovered that there wasn’t an audition! Frantic sight reading of a sort followed, and then performing in the Russian opera, Russlan and Ludmilla, then great fun the London branch of the rock gospel choir, Revelation.


Anni is KiS' Scandinavian, a requirement of our constitution if we want to perform "Super Trooper". By day, she works as a Punch and Judy artiste on Brighton beach, placing the boot firmly on the other foot in a bizarre but touching psycho-sensual reworking of this great British amusement that paints Mr Punch as a sales rep for Linda McCartney, and Judy as a slavering, stick-waving crypto-capitalist shoe-fetishist. You couldn't make it up. Well actually...
Secretly, she's very moosical.


Vicky accidentally joined Kitch in Sync whilst applying for her HGV licence. This career change followed doctor's advice brough on by a particularly agressive case of housemaid's knee in her former life as a field archaeologist.
Vicky's hobbies include ram raiding and spoon collecting. She has a particular interest in the history of the Foreign and Commonwealth office and much prefers going by the pseudonym "Firefly". She is an accomplished novelist published in more than five indo-chinese languages.


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