Performed at the Bermondsey Street Festival 2019

with thanks to Amanda for re-transcribing the score...

All 4 voices sung version + 4 individual part teach tracks

Don't Dream It's Over

Or Dont dream its over without punctuation in case that helps!?

We've also included a Musescore file here in case anyone would like to have a go playing back using the Musescore software that a few of us use.
This will allow you to adjust the volume of different parts and see the music as it plays
When you download the file, it may lose the filename in the process, so you may have to rename it and put in the correct file extension for it to work -- extension is .mscz

We can't shake a bucket this year, so we did this instead!

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Watch our video created to raise funds for Marie Curie Christmas 2020

Vocal tracks below

Plus -- as an alternative... for those who fancy a go at watching the score while listening to the music -- have a look on Soundslice here:

Also now includes electronic version with lead/count in plus metronome beat -- you might find this one useful to record to

Sung teach tracks
Do also check soundslice


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