Ian has been singing with choirs since he was six years old. He's currently in two of them: KiS and a choir that tours the UK singing in cathedrals ("Cantus"). He loves singing in KiS because it's a great opportunity to meet up with lots of his friends. He enjoys making the earth move with his resonant base notes. His greatest performing moment: being killed by his Dad who was playing "Death" in a local performance of "Everyman" when he was in his early 20s.

Mark M

Anyone for pudding? Mark is. Pudding is his favourite dinner, lunch and tea. If Mark doesn't get pudding when he needs it, terrible repercussions repercuss. A Kitsch bass, assistant beatboxer and move-master, Mark also knows a thing or two about parcour. This means we have to be very very careful when selecting rehearsal venues so that he doesn't, like Shirley Bassey, wind up tangled in a web of chairs (or was it a web of sin?). Either way, the results could be extremely messy.

Paul T

Imagine a small enthusiastic puppy. Boundless energy, constant inappropriate barking, endlessly wagging tail and totally lovable by all…. That’s Paul. Having recently sailed in from Irish shores, his dayjob consists of responsibly for improving the wellbeing of poor unfortunate sick children in an accident and emergency department near you. Though we still haven’t managed to housetrain him and still continues to chew our slippers and do his business on the kitchen floor.


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